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The lesson of language...

If you really know me you'd know I'm not a linguist but a woman with numbers running through my brain...

Today I finally figured out a trick! While I was living in Portugal I learned "obrigada", "Thank you" or gratitude in Portuguese. Then I went back to Spain and I was in such a habit of saying "obrigada" the minute I said that all the sudden they thought I was from Portugal and would automatically start speaking English to me. Awesome! Winning!

So, now since I've been in Croatia I'm supposed to say "hvala" but I say it with a smile and I look cute doing it. But, yeah, that's not how it works here... I'm supposed to say "vala" with a rough undertone like I'm I'm about to hurt someone.

Solution: "Gratsi" Now they think I'm from Spain and they start speaking English to me!

Maybe one day when my brain is ready to open up another section I'll learn another language. But as of today, my lesson has been learned. As long as I say "Thank you" in any other language other than English to anyone and not the language of the country I'm living in they just think I'm European and since English is a universal language then they will speak to me in hand gestures.

Problem solved.

*I will learn a new language someday.... Till then, Obrigata, Gratsi, Hvala, Heda

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