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Happy New Year!

WOW! What an AMAZING and INCREDIBLE year! 2017 coming to an end and awaiting everything 2018 has to hold with my heart open and mind turned up!

So, first I must say, Thank you and Welcome to my blog! This has been a few years in the works but please, enjoy! Come travel with me! And, please feel free to entertain me with new ideas, suggestions and personal experiences of your own. I hope this can be a fun and open space for fellow friends and family to come together... other nomads, designers, freelancers, writers, artists, travelers, animal lovers and humans of all kinds!

I went into 2017 with no expectations whatsoever and feeling some what lost. I could equal say that it felt like I was blind at times. Not knowing what each day would bring brought me much anxiety, but somehow with my heart and my mind in tact I knew that something great was going to come out of everything that was thrown my way and that the choices, the path that I had paved was coming into fruition and knew that I was as prepared as I would ever be for the adventure ahead. Diving into the abyss I had left everything behind, everything that I knew for the last 16 years living in Los Angeles with the hope and faith that I would grow and evolve beyond my comfort zone... And to my own belief, 2017 did not let me down!

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Cheers to you, a happy New Year from me and everyone around the world!

I started the new year in Dallas and the following months back an forth from Texas and California in search of something new. A new house, a new city, new people, new challenges?

On January 25th I started taking classes with my father and my Aunt Gail at the Online Trading Academy in Frisco, TX and started taking control of my investments and my finances. OH, my! I felt like such an adult! A fully grown woman who can read charts and hold financial discussions. Futures, Forex, Options, Oh, my!

By June I had started trading live and hot damn! I was making money! My money was making me money! ....even when I was sleeping!

So here we go! I found this AWESOME company called where I would be able to travel for 3 months with other digital nomads from across the world to live an alternative lifestyle. So, I packed up my bags and off I went!

Texas > Los Angeles > Barcelona > Valencia > Lisbon > Marrakesh > Lisbon > Barcelona > Lisbon > Croatia > Barcelona > Berlin > London > Los Angeles > back home to the family in Texas for Christmas!

As I was preparing for my adventure there was one thing that kept going through my mind and it was Ewan McGregor's wife when being interviewed about his motorcycle trip are the world, "Long Way Round" (highly recommended series to watch) and she said, "My only fear is who he will be when he returns. You leave as one person and you come back another. But this is his dream and I can not stand in the way of that." ...never did I know to the extent of the change that was about to come... and most importantly how my priorities in life have shifted...

Most of all I have to give so much thanks to all of the amazing and wonderful, supportive people in my life that have gotten me to where I am today... Karen Duncan, the most beautiful, intelligent woman I know and who has held our family together for longer than I've been alive. You are a true gift and always a calm, supporting figure in my life no matter the circumstances. I appreciate your devout love followed by logic and reasoning. "There is always a solution to the problem."

My amazing family! Uncle Bruce and Aunt Donna, always an inspiration! Thank you for you love, support and wisdom through all of my endeavors and even more for always believing in me and loving me unconditionally.

Aunt Janet and Uncle Michael, where does one begin. Maybe with that horse you made me break. Uncle Micheal you have always pushed me, encouraged me and told me I could do anything I wanted. And thank you Aunt Janet for being our saint and keeping Michael in line!

My darling sister "Sweet Caroline", words can not even begin to express how lucky I am to have you as my sister. Two different personalities that complement each other completely. I can not wait for the adventures ahead! I love you dearly and couldn't be more proud to be your sister.

Dear Aunt Gail, I wouldn't be where I am today if you had not taken me to school and taught me how to control my finances. You are the greatest gift anyone could have and a constantly pushing me to be my best!

And without any hesitation, my mother and my father, Greg and Heda Hahn, you have always been there and supported me throughout all of my life. From ballet and pointe shoes, to California, to Fashion Design school, to starting my own business to going back to school to learn how to code. For letting me cry on your shoulders when things weren't working right and always encouraging me to 'keep on truckin'. Thank you for letting me follow my dreams no matter how crazy they sounded at the time. But look at what you have made! Every minute of my life my heart beats for you. Grateful and blessed. I love you!

Too all of my extended family and all of the amazing friends I have met along the way, both humans and animals, my heart pours out to all of you and the gifts that I have been given and hope to be able to share them all with you! I'm always ready to spend time with you all, friends and family! So, just remember I'm only a WiFi away and we can travel together any day!

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