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Stuck in London

Well, I was supposed to be flying from Berlin back to Los Angeles after this world wind trip, but I stupidly purchase the cheap route through 3 countries and booked through

Travel Lesson: You get what you pay for and make sure you have enough time between flights to get to your next connecting flight *Especially if you have to go through customs or get your bags and re-check them.

That didn't really work out to well... My flight from Berlin landed in London at 8pm and my flight Barcelona was at 8:05 with a 16 hour layover in Barcelona and then direct to LAX.

So, After about 2.5 hours online chatting with customer service through they had rerouted me through Iceland to some other place, then to LA. What a mess. So, after I had my new tickets I began to think. I only had so much cash on me and checks me in online so I'll have to pay for my luggage at each leg of my trip and I didn't have that much cash and since my wallet had been stolen two months earlier, all I had was a photocopy of my new PayPal card that was located in Texas....

It's 11:30 pm, I'm decide that I'm not paying for a hotel for that night, I can book a room online with my card and check in the following morning/ afternoon and then book a new flight from London to LA.

So, I pulled out my cashmere blanket sat down on the hard cold floor with about 30 other random sleeping situations throughout the Stansted airport, and airport I had never heard of before, and booked a hotel for the following night...

Needless to say, a 24 hour layover turned into 3 nights in London. And one I figured out how to Western Union myself money on my very last day of my travels I had a great time and perfect ending to my travels abroad... 2017! ...And I finally got a jacket.

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