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Moving On...

Embarking on a journey, wild and free, leaving behind the old and the already obtained.

Scary and new, but confident in the direction and choices I’ve made with no direction home.

Music to soothe my soul, wandering new streets and absorbing all of the beauty this world has to offer while embracing it with each breath along the way.

Transitioning, but never leaving the true and authentic artist behind.

Dancing through the streets sometimes alone and sometimes with others, friends and strangers with nothing but a smile on my face and a beating heart.

Positive and grateful. Love for every blessing that I have.

Changing and evolving. Through sunshine, rain, art, flowers, history, and architecture.

New friends and new experiences.

Waking to the morning sun, warming my heart and the evening moon rotating around me.

This world is a gift of opportunities and my choices I own.

Knowing there is no perfection and control is sometimes out of my hands, yet trusting the process of evolution and intuition.

Living life to it’s fullest, appreciating the past, looking to the future, believing in my heart, trusting my instincts and never forgetting those who helped get me here.

Blessed to have been given this gift of life and every day a new day to embrace.

This is life. To truly live.

Risk everything, with no guarantees but the courage to grow. Dive into the abyss and awaken a new… Moving on… Grateful and blessed.

Venice Beach, Pacific Ocean
Lisbon, Portugal

Mountians of Morocco

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