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Can I get a seat next to her please?

Prior to my travels I decided it would be a good idea to have some dental work done before I left the country. Brilliant! So, 2 weeks before I was leaving I decided to have surgery done on an impacted molar and another 'extra' tooth they waned to remove in Texas. Then 3 days before I was to leave the country out of LA something didn't feel right, so I I let my surgeon in California open me up again and remove some more bone.

"Do whatever you have to to do." I have a plane to catch. "And, give me number of your friend in Barcelona. Thanks."

LAX, day of travel: Starbucks gave me free ice, and hot water. I stole the salt grinder from Planet Hollywood and swish swished for 5 hours to then be rejected by the pilot to board the plane Sunday night.

No energy to argue. No jaw to move even if I wanted too.

10:00 pm, rejected, chipmonk mouth, 2 teeth removed, 5 stitches, swollen eyes and a cashmere blanket. Thank you @Norwegian Airlines! Get me to Spain. Let me cry, let me sleep and "Do you have Jello?", "Pudding?"

*I have no idea how I look so happy here. 48 hours into my trip and I still haven't left LAX.

Now we get to play the game... "Where in the world do you think Heda's luggage will land?"

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