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Heda Hahn Designs

      Creative Director and Designer

      Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, UX Design and SEO

      Fashion, Print, Web, Video, US and International production

     Business development

     Web designer and developer

     Graphic designer for web and print publications

     SEO and YouTube publication controller


ShroomChild Clothing

      Business development

      Graphics, logo and web design for target marketing and social branding

      SEO, eCommerce and social media controller


NMK Photo

      Graphic and web designer

      Internet marketing, branding and social media controller


Interior 9 Design

      Design consultant

      Engineer and spec sketch artist for custom furniture production

      Production seamstress including custom hardware installations


Matrushka Construction

      Production manager

      Full time contract seamstress and patternmaker


Artichokes & Co.

      Visual merchandiser and floral designer

      Graphic designer and branding for print promotions and events


Harriet Selling, DBA: Post Vegas

       Assistant designer 

       Los Angeles based production manganer

       International Showrooms: Paris, Milian, Hamburg, London, Japan


Christiana Milian: Singer and Actress

      Costume Designer

      Seamstress and pattern maker for road, stage and video production


Armani Exchange

      POS Engineer

      Customer tracking and demographic sales research


Nevada Ballet Theater

     Costume Designer

     Assistant Wardrobe Mistress


Inland Pacific Ballet

      Corps de Ballet Ballerina

ShroomChild Clothing
Heda Hahn Designs
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